39. The Miso Soup Bomb

June 11, 2008

We’ve already discussed how some treasures in life cannot be captured.

But this is a new level of debauchery. Miso Soup, one of Japan’s greatest culinary merits, is now reduced to a conglomeration of dehydrated chunks trapped within a cave of thinly-walled wafer. The wafer quickly (i.e. one minute) “explodes” in hot water, realeasing its contents into what then becomes an approximation of miso soup. However, by the time the tofu is rehydrated the broth has turned luke-warm, leading to an overall abortion of timing…

…this is beginning to sound like the time you slept with that co-worker two cubicles down.

It isn’t hard to make good Miso Soup. If you have a pot, miso, and a millimetre of tofu, you can do it. Oh, you’ll also have to stir for the duration of one TV commercial, which may be too much for some. Enter the bomb.


One comment

  1. Yeah, but it looks like fun.

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