38. The Marshmallow Parfait

June 9, 2008

This is just one example of how the Japanese gourmandize ball-park favourites and convert them into something slightly more honourable than Big League Chew.

Yet, this particular recipe is rather byzantine and requires a lot of prep time. Luckily, an incubus imparted it to me last night at 3am. Please follow it, as it will quickly increase your circle of friends.


The Marshmallow Parfait


1. 4 feminine-coloured marshmallows

2. 1 cup butter or I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter! Spread.

3. One glass imprinted with vogue yet meaningless French sentences. (preferably written in Monotype Corsiva, font size 16).


1. Eject butter into 8oz. glass until nearly full. Wipe grease smears evenly from rim of glass.

2. Dump on four feminine-coloured marshmallows, preferably of the cuboid variety (the cylindrical “barrel-shaped” marshmallows of The West may work in an emergency).

3. Garnish your forehead with 4oz. fake tears as if to portray the illusion of sweat and/or labour. Emerge from the kitchen in with an elliptical, debonair smile.

4. Serve with an insulin shot and/or Melba Toast.



  1. It kind of looks good

  2. Are you sure this is a culinary abortion? I think this should be on the Food Network.

  3. There must be something wrong with me – this looks very appealing. Erm, where exactly did you get it?

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