34. Ice Cream Ramen

June 2, 2008

What you are seeing here is not a mirage. These are actually two full-fledged ice cream cones dumped in a sewer of pork clippings and noodle detritus.

Only two egg halves swell from the shadows of the sludge as sole lifeboats for the otherwise listless and vulnerable cones. But it appears the cones have surrendered; they cling not to the oval vessels of hope but lie prostrate within the wreckage.

As a final salute to life, each cone heeds toward the other, exchanging one last kiss before it is lost, indefinitely, in a pool of tepid broth. To see each other deliquescing in the unnatural heat of soup is perhaps the cruelest farewell, but one tinged with an ironic romance. However, the last tenderness is lost when the cones grow unrecognizable: swept by a wave of seaweed and other ramen offal, the light seizes– the connection fades.

And now the reader must dry his or her eye, realizing the sadness herewithin, the scorched flames of love and life. But most of all the sadness of Japanese cuisine, which is finally approaching the zenith of absurd.

We can only thank Japan it Up! another JAPAN blog, for drawing our attention to this tragedy. For unknown reasons, this restaurant has either gone out of business or shrunk its sign to an illegible size almost as if to deter customers. Japan it Up’s careful documentary of this culinary gunshot wound to the head may be the only one left remaining.



  1. That’s nasty! Oh that’s really hard to look at in the morning. Thought you might want to see this: http://offthemeathook.com/2008/06/01/special-soy-sauce-for-ice-cream-say-what.aspx

  2. Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I didn’t find your blog until now! Gross food = everything that is wrong-but-right-at-the-same-time! Thankyou, oh guru!

  3. Are those salty duck eggs in the upper left portion of the bowl?

  4. That is actually just one ice cream split in two – doesn’t make it any better though. Maybe the ice cream makes for a creamy sauce for the noodles … nah!

    I have a few of these on my blog, I think the winner would be soft serve with two fried oysters in the side mmmm! (vomit now)

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