33. Dog Pocky

May 31, 2008

The astute reader will immediately notice something wrong with this picture.

While the juxtaposition of these two boxes seems like little to meet the eye, a closer, more incisive view, reveals the truth: pocky for dogs.

We are already are familiar with the ubiquitous pocky of Japan: an over-rated cylinder of pretzel lightly veiled in cocoa-flavoured wax.

But few are aware of Dog Pocky–an imitation of mediocrity catered to the canine population. One noticeable exception is that Dog Pocky is coated in carob instead of cocoa-flavoured wax. This cuts down on calories and contributes to the overall misery of the dog. Unfortunately, the “rosemary” flavoured pretzel compliments “carob” like a fish compliments a bicycle.

And though I cannot speak for the canine population (yet, anyway) I can sense their alarm at this putrefaction. I had to sample a bite for posterity and the result was unconscionable. No dog, not even the toy poodle, should be subjected to this incongruous, plagiaristic misfortune.


One comment

  1. Pocky is da bomb!

    You have issues mannn.. 🙂

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