14. Sekushii Maguro

April 27, 2008

At least once while living in Japan, you will order tuna, a.k.a maguro.

And when you do, your appetite for it (or for any food) will hit a large brick wall, never to be revived.

But rest assured that it is not just your imagination declamating the wasabi with an association unfit to mention here.

It is the Japanese way. And it is especially common in small towns, where locals use cucumbers to channel their repressed sexuality.

I will not attempt a detailed deconstruction of this meal, as it still invokes emesis. It is only important to consider its entire aesthetic appeal, from the carefully peeled cucumber cutis to the artless placement of the seaweed “bedding.”



  1. Nice

  2. That seriously looks like a hairy green penis with pink herpes topped with white puss.

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