7. Collon

April 10, 2008

The creator of Collon deserves a nobel prize.

Not only does the tube-shaped snack bear uncanny resemblance to the organ after which it was misunderstandingly named; it also tastes like something this organ would produce.

Collon features a membraneous wall of wafer glutted with “cheesecake” flavoured impurity, further warranting the parallel so cleverly conjured by its maker.

Even the box is symbolic: with the opening along the front face, the consumer must mimick the actions of a surgeon performing a colectomy by severing the frontal plane to disembowel the contents within.

While in Japan, you will learn that English translations are usually grammatically flawless-just the context is so badly misconstrued. You will also learn that you should not try Collon. Although I would have called this product Artery.



  1. I am pleased that Collon has made your list. It is widely available in Vancouver as it is so popular, and rightly so. Chocolate-flavoured is, sadly, the best option.

  2. It is? Excellent – I can add Vancouver to the list of possible places where I can comfortably live out the remainder of my years.

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