1. Scallop Puffs

April 3, 2008

Scallop Puffs

Let us start simply with a convenience store favourite, the Scallop Puff.

Unarguably, scallops boast a degree of sophistication unmatched by their oceanic cohorts. The perennial scallop dinner is a staple in upper-class homes and at golf resorts, where pearled women pay up to $30 US for one miso-covered scallop topped with the odd chantrelle. This is fine; the scallop merits such flattery.

But when expressed through the medium of the “puff,” integrity suffers. Years of fine preparation and reputation are instantly ruined, the shellfish being reduced to a cadaverous curl, an air-infused blemish.

In fact, the puff and the scallop could not be more contradictory: one represents the pinnacle of urbanity among the upper-class piscivorous; the other, the zenith of blue-collar delight, the lowly accompaniment to nights of jerky, cotton candy, or worse, corn dogs.

But all these things for another post. The point is, Japan has now combined these two worlds, challenging not only social tiers, but tastebuds.



  1. Well done, finding Japan’s equivalent of the Bac ‘N’ puff and pork rinds! (Hummm!)

  2. I believe the pearled woman you speak of is a thinly veiled reference to the time Robert Feenie gave you exactly one scallop on top of pasta. It was the zenith of a rip off.

  3. Hmmm. The letters on the lower left of the Scallop Puff package suspiciously appear to spell barf.

  4. hahaha!

  5. […] The same simpletons who buy this also buy scallop puffs. […]

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